What do you know about a Stonemason?

A Stonemason can come in several categories. From Bank masons to Free Masons. Stonemasonry is the oldest profession in the world, going as far back as the days of Solomon and the Egyptians.The basic principle of Stonemasonry has changed very little over the last 4000 years, with the addition of the industrial revolution came some mechanisation.
The early Australian Stonemasons were of convict origin and managed to discover the easiest and best sites for quarrying. They always found these near a river or water way as to make transportation easier.

Sydney Stonemason

A Sydney Stonemason is possibly the most sought after of all masons. Due to the exposure they have had to the best quality sandstone in Australia. Sydney lays on top of one of the richest deposits of sandstone and is world renowned for its quality.

Bank Stone Masons

Bank masons work in a factory and simply manufacture a finished product to be distributed to the worksite.


A Journeyman is a term given to an apprentice Stone Mason.

Free Masons

A Free Mason is a tradesmen who has no obligation to any other organisation or company and free to work for himself

Bonded Masons

A Bonded Mason is a tradesmen who has obligations to finish his project with his current employer which would usually be a government institution, church etc.