Sandstone Paving

Sandstone paving also comes in many forms, mainly used in landscaping. It is not always ideal to use sandstone paving adjacent to pool areas as chlorine and salt will effect the stone unless sealed correctly as was the project seen below.
Paving can either be sawn, split faced or granite, marble or slate. Each one having a specific function. Most old buildings in the early days had paving floors. Some of these places featured cobblestones on high traffic areas, we are able to replicate this look with high precision through the use of our patented cobblestone manufacturing device which is exclusive to The Stonemasons.

Before you go sealing any stone check with us first as if done incorrectly it can cause permanent ornamental and density issues.

Sandstone Pavers & Sandstone Capping

Sandstone pavers needs to be carefully selected as by using the incorrect stone it can become badly pitted and severely worn. There are only a few quarries in Australia capable of producing the appropriate product for use in coping around pools.