Sandstone House, Sandstone Bricks & Sandstone Steps

Some of the first houses built in the Austrlian colony were made form Sydney Sandstone. Mainly quarried from the Pyrmont area, as the stone they discovered was of first grade quality. As a result quarrying became a major industry.

Today we at The Stonemasons still quarry some of our rock onsite for the building of stone houses. But in the man we either purchase large blocks which we break down ourselves or buy the stone with sawn beds which we then dress to the required result of the client. Wether that be rock faced, sparrow picked, bitch picked, margined or sawn just to name a few.

Sandstone Bricks

Sandstone bricks are reconstituted sandstone made from recycled stone to give the appearance of sandstone. They are manufactured to the same size as a commercial brick and so can be used to replace existing bricks on certain projects. We at The Stonemasons are capable of manufacturing our own sold original sandstone bricks which re a much more superior product to the reconstituted competition. These are often used in coins and decorative features. They do have the advantage of being light weight.

The integral part of stone houses is the footings, which is the base on which the entire house rests and must be structurally sound. Some of our clients insist on sandstone steps and /or sandstone entranceways to their properties.

Sandstone Steps