Heritage Sandstone Restoration

Should your house be heritage listed do not look at it as a bad thing as some clients do. It need not be a headache for restoration work. As in lots of cases if the work is performed correctly the heritage society will contribute towards payment and we are quite happy to help facilitate this process for you. Here is a link the their site for your information www.rahs.org.au We are often called to restoration sites where the site is badly deteriorated. Due to the fact that the quality of stone used even back in the 1800’s when good stone was readily available sometimes bad quality stone has been used out of necessity. Like one bad apple in a barrel, so it is that one bad stone in a wall can cause major ornamental and structural issues. Quite often the wrong method has been used to try and repair work which needed professional attention. At times the wrong stone or wrong lintel has been used. We strongly recommend you seek advice before too much damage occurs. Polution and rising damp are major contributors to the destruction of the stone. When doing restoration work it is of equal importance to matching the stone as to matching the mortar mix and pointing style.

Heritage Sandstone Restoration with Stone Block work

Stone block work can come in many forms and for many uses. Both structural and ornamental. Ashlar is traditionally laid blocks of even dimension normally the old imperial measurement of 1 foot, and mainly used in the bottom courses of older style homes and were still being used up until the 1920’s.