Sydney Stonemason & Stone Masonry is an innovative and creative Sydney based Stonemasonry company with over 40 years service experience working with quality hand crafted paving, sandstone block, sandstone carving and landscaping products for commercial and residential sectors. We specialise in anything from sydney sandstone heritage restoration to small residential projects. Sydney stonemasonry has a unique character to it when you start to look at the amazing work across NSW. Our work can be seen from the northern beaches, eastern suburbs and throughout rural and western NSW. So whether it is paving, bull-nosing, capping, borders, wall cladding, retaining wall, dry-pack, random block, or a creative custom design you need we can facilitate all your needs. Our colours and textures are chosen for each project, so wether it be yellow vibrant colours such as can be found in the Sydney basin, or sea wall quality stone we can do it all. The Stonemasons are not only limited to Masonry work, but offer a wide range of professional services. Headed up by our lead mason John Hermitage is not only a master stonemason but also a foreman, consultant, estimator, advisor and co-ordinator to some of Sydney’s largest organisations. From Multiplex through to The Sydney Water Board our reputation for professionalism and craftsmanship exceeds him.

Project Management

We offer to all our clients both planning and drafting for council submissions and assisting with your Development Applications. Our permanent on staff draftsperson is happy to offer advice and support to ensure that your project runs smoothly, on time and on budget.

Sydney Stonemason’s are amongst the best

Sydney Stonemasons are in a unique position to be able to obtain easily the best quality sandstone in Australia or possibly the world, and are currently exporting it all over the globe. Sydney Stonemasons normally excel in their own particular field, in Sydney and Australia they are infamous for their ability to match the restoration work of their forebears and convict heritage. Stonemasonry has been labelled an addictive trade and very few Masons, once in the field change their profession due to the satisfaction and reward of building something that will far outlast them and their descendants. Stacks Image 1586


Our Guarantee

We are a fully insured and lisenced business and have built our reputation on professionalism, reliability and quality.

Do you need a Sydney Stonemason or Stone Masonry expert?

Did you know that a sandstone house is around the same cost to build as a double brick home, but your return on investment is much higher.

Some of our Work